Laptop display colour

  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 13:08 06 Dec 2008

I have a NCE Versa Laptop and I am trying to change the colours dispalyed tomatch those I have seen on my other PCs. I need to know how to actually change the mix of RGB so the display matches the other PCs. I have color profiles but these do n ot allow me to change the colours.

Any advice appreciated.

  wee eddie 15:40 06 Dec 2008

NEC Versa ~ which model?

Without committing anyone yet, laptop Screens are rarely of the Top Quality and unless the machine is a specialised Model, you may be limited in what you can achieve.

Yes Ok, but I want totweak the colours. Is there a graphical utility that allows me to do this?

  Joe R 18:05 07 Dec 2008


is there not a utility to tweak the colour settings?

There is usually one with Nvidia, Ati and Intel chipsets.

I have found it thanks. But I have had to tweak the individual elements for a long time to get near the colours on my other dispaly. Is there a way of getting hold of profiles so I can go through them and select the best?

  Wak 19:34 08 Dec 2008

Hi, You can download a little FREE program from
click here.
Look in the Gamma panel/downloads for the program called
Unzip it and put the file Gapa,exe in a folder and use it from that folder.
You can also put a short cut on the desk top which then puts the icon in the task bar.
Right click the icon, adjust your screen colours and then name and save the profile for future use.
It's a simple program to alter the screen colour and Gamma as you wish.
Some entries in Google seem to think it is a possible spyware program but I have used it for years with no problems whatsoever and will continue to do so.
It's a pity that a similar program isn't available to correct the output of a printer's colours.

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