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Laptop died in use!

  Tycho 21:56 09 Sep 2007

My daughter has travelled all the way from Aberdeen to Leicestershire with her laptop. It is very flattering that she thinks that I can do something with it but I am at a loss.

She was installing her MP3 software and the laptop simply went dead. No lights nothing. Where do I start to look?


  Tycho 09:50 10 Sep 2007

I bought it from Novatech in June 2006. It was a 21st present. So just out of guarantee.


  woodchip 10:03 10 Sep 2007

I would still take it back and ask for help.

You may get a surprise

  wee eddie 10:13 10 Sep 2007

Does the Mains Connection wobble a bit?

  Tycho 10:50 10 Jan 2008

Just thought that I woul let everyone know that it was a motherboard problem. Novatech repaired it under guarantee. Good service.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


  woodchip 13:31 10 Jan 2008

I told you that they are not all bad. good to see it's sorted and you posted on the outcome

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