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Laptop died in use!

  Tycho 21:56 09 Sep 2007

My daughter has travelled all the way from Aberdeen to Leicestershire with her laptop. It is very flattering that she thinks that I can do something with it but I am at a loss.

She was installing her MP3 software and the laptop simply went dead. No lights nothing. Where do I start to look?


  woodchip 22:02 09 Sep 2007

Try tapping F5 as the computer is starting, to see if it will go into Safe Mode. If it does try doing a System Restore. If it's XP

  Tycho 22:08 09 Sep 2007

Absolutely nothing when I press the on button. No lights, no whirring sounds. It seems dodo type dead.

Tried the f8 tactic as advised but no response of any sort.


  woodchip 22:10 09 Sep 2007

Have you tried it just on mains? no battery in the comp

  Tycho 22:18 09 Sep 2007

"Have you tried it just on mains? no battery in the comp"

Just tried. No change.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:22 09 Sep 2007

1. are you getting an output from the power adaptor?

2. check if the DC jack socket on the laptop is loose or middle pin loose.

  Tycho 22:25 09 Sep 2007

Unfortunately I have left the voltmeter on the boat so I will have to wait to test the PSU. I am going to bed now but thanks for the help so far.


  woodchip 22:29 09 Sep 2007

That could also be the problem the adapter may be dead and by running on battery, it may have just died. but my laptop flashes a red led and it goes hibernate auto if you do not turn it off.

But as above it's looking more like the computer as packed up

  woodchip 22:33 09 Sep 2007

PS does any lights flash at all when you switch it on?

  Tycho 08:22 10 Sep 2007

Woodchip PS: No, no lights, no sound of fans or HDD, nothing.

Cyberphobic: As soonas I can get down to Sileby Mill I will collect the voltmeter from the boat and test the power supply.

Buteman: Going there now...

  Tycho 08:56 10 Sep 2007

Did the remove battery and mains and press start for 10s routine.

Nothing still. :-(


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