Laptop Died

  Lerm 18:36 20 Dec 2006

It just went dead. In the sense that it was up and running then just cut out. Cannot boot it back up. Tried it with mains alone, took the battery out (in the past, on a couple of rare occasions, it wouldn't boot via the mains or battery and taking the battery out and putting it back in, then it would). But even doing that now won't work. the power light is on, but when I try to boot up, the boot up lights flicker for a millisecond then go off.

Has the drive died or could it be the CPU or heat fan? It's not the sort of thing you can open up like a desktop to check on the fan.

It's an ASUS Notino A1300.

All my up-todate writing files are on that damn thing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:09 20 Dec 2006

Sounds more like the power supply on the MOBO but could be CPU.

The hard dive can be connected to another machine to retrive files.
Do you have another PC?

  Rtus 19:53 20 Dec 2006

If you can unplug the laptop hard drive try booting to bios & see how long it works for .

  Lerm 19:58 20 Dec 2006

Thanks for responses so far. It came back. I had it on battery only, kept fiddling with the boot up slide switch and it booted up finally. On the mains now and scanning it for disk errors, not that it may be to much point. Surely something to do with the power supply as Fruit Bat suggested. Doesn't inspire me with much confidence when it throws a wobbly like that, though!

  sean-278262 06:41 21 Dec 2006

"kept fiddling with the boot up slide switch"

You have just found out the problem I think. Sounds like a short or bad connection on the main power circuit. Check all the main connections to this toggle switch, it is all I can suggest. Laptops take more time to take appart but most you can get it gutted completely down to every single part detached in about 30mins.

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