Laptop dial-up woes

  lucky1 14:42 04 May 2006

About a week ago my wife, a silver surfer like myself, purchased an Acer laptop. With the 'help' of the BT Help Desk at 50 pence a minute we were, after several calls, eventually able to opbtain a dial up tone which you can hear dialling the number, but, after that we get a series of beeps from the line and after a while the connection fails. Our friends at BT, after carrying out various tests (at 50 pence a minute) declared that the modem was faulty and suggested I get help from our local computer shop to re-install the modem. Our local shop declared there was nothing wrong with the modem and they were able to access the Net with no problems. We are trying to access the Net using the same telephone socket as my desktop. I have checked the wiring etc and throughly read the users handbook for the laptop. Can anyone suggest what's gone wrong and how I might fix the problem? Thank you.

  ACOLYTE 14:47 04 May 2006

The fact that the PC shop can connect with your laptop/modem suggests to me it's a line problem or at least somthing other than the laptop at fault.Do you have call waiting or something simliar on the line.Is you number withheld?

  lucky1 15:02 04 May 2006

No, we don't have call waiting or anything like that. Our number is not withheld. Forgive my ignorance in these matters but, would either my firewall or anti-virus programme on the desktop be effecting this? Thanks for your speedy response.

  ACOLYTE 15:09 04 May 2006

Your firewall maybe,depending if you let the programme access the net,have you tried turning the firewall off and connecting?.One other thing is if you both use the same socket to connect PC/Laptop you can only have 1 online at a time not both.

  pj123 15:09 04 May 2006

Do you have 1571 active on your telephone, if so you need to delete all outstanding messages.

If not, it could be you have the wrong modem cable. There are two types: a four wire connection and a two wire connection.

Check which one you have and then try the other option. ie. if you have a four wire cable get a two wire cable and try. And vice versa.

  lucky1 15:15 04 May 2006

Is it not a bit risky disabling the destop firewall? We don't run both machines at the same time. I disconnect the desktop telephone plug and then connect the laptop telephone plug but, as I say, get the dialling sequence and then a series of beeps, but no connection.

  lucky1 15:19 04 May 2006

Long time since we spoke! No, we don't have 1571 on our telephone. By the modem cable I presume its the telephone connection cable to the telephone wall socket you mean? If so, the laptop has a four wire connection the same as the desktop.

  lucky1 16:22 04 May 2006

Have turned off the firewall on my desktop but still cannot access the Internet from the laptop. The laptop which has a XP service pack 2 operating system has the XP firewall enabled and has Norton 2006 Anti-virus installed.

  pj123 17:57 04 May 2006

The desktop PC may have a four wire cable but that does not necessarily mean that the laptop needs one as well. Did the modem cable come with the laptop?

Just to prove you haven't got any settings wrong try this:

Make a "New Connection". Leave the Area Code box blank and in the Telephone Number box put:

08451121212 do Next and then Finish.

Now double click your new connection and in the user name put anything you like "fred bloggs" and in the password again put anything you like "123456" and connect.

If that logs you on, it should put an icon in your system tray.

If you now double click Internet Explorer and it is working OK you should get a connection. This would point to your settings are incorrect. If you still don't get a connection I would still try a 2 wire cable from your laptop to the phone socket.

  lucky1 18:56 04 May 2006


Thanks for this. Just back from retail therapy!. Have printed off you instructions and will give it a go after we've eaten. Thanks again.

  lucky1 19:00 04 May 2006

Sorry, should have asked, how do I find 'Make a new connection'? You're dealing with a right dimwit here!

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