Laptop and Desktop - network help needed Plz...

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 14:08 08 Mar 2003

Hi all,

seem to be having trouble in setting up a home network between a Desktop running XP pro, a laptop running XP home and a BT 4 port router. (ADSL)

Can anyone give step by step instructions as to haow this is acehived as when i complete the wizard noting is shown on either PC and the network is "Unavailable" at present.

Two problems may exist - 1) the BT router is "supposed" to have a built in firewall and 2) I have Norton Personal firewall 2003 on both machines. I cannot find the assigned IP address for either pc so cannot place it in the trusted zone.

So, from scratch I think and any help will be greatly appreciated!


  recap 14:19 08 Mar 2003

Disable the Firewall on both machines, then follow the wizard for setting up the network and all should be well, Smiffy99.

  jazzypop 14:43 08 Mar 2003

As stated above, disable / remove the Norton firewalls for now.

Then, assuming the cabling is ok (look for a green light on the router 'in' ports, and on each PC where the Ethernet cable enters the network card), you should be able to connect to the router simply by typing it's internal network address into your browser's address bar.

This is typically - but double-check the router's manual, as other addresses can be used.

Once you enter the correct address into your browser address bar and hit enter, you should be taken to the router's setup screens.

From here, you can choose whether your PCs get allocated an (internal, or LAN) IP address by the router, or whether the router should accept the IP addresses that you manually assign to your PCs as valid addresses for your LAN. DHCP is the shorthand for allocated by the router (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

If you want to assign an IP address to your PCs (my preference), then go to Control Panel, Network Connections, right-click your network adaptor, choose Properties. Then click once on the TCP/IP entry, choose Properties, and you will have the choice of using an allocated IP address (DHCP) or setting your own.

Assuming that the router's IP address is, then set the first PC as, the next as, and so on. They should each have a subnet mask of

I advise you to set up 1 PC at a time (start with the desktop), and get a good connection with that PC before starting on the next one. Note also that it may well be necessary to save any router settings and reboot both the router and the PC before your Internet connection springs into life.

It is essential that you change the username and password on the router as soon as possible, as it is fairly easy for 'the bad lads' to gain access to it otherwise.

Depending on the make and model of the router, you may find that the default settings are for US-specific settings - see click here for some UK-specific advice.

Once all is well, by all means re-enable the Norton firewall.

If you are still struggling, please post back with any further details you may have, especially the router make and model.

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