Laptop Data Encryption pgm recommendations?

  Danoh 22:44 04 Nov 2006

I'm thinking of getting a data encryption program for data on my laptop, in case it gets lost or stolen
~ suggestions with web links would be much appreciated.
And especially comments from personal knowledge and/or usage.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Danoh 17:26 05 Nov 2006

any recommendations/comments?

  T0SH 20:40 05 Nov 2006

If you are realy worried about security you could set a supervisor and a hardrive password from the BIOS setup options in your laptop

but be warned if you set then forget, your laptop will be nothing more than an expensive peice of junk

Cheers HC

  Belatucadrus 23:50 05 Nov 2006

click here AxCrypt for encrypting individual files and the one I use.
click here TrueCrypt for creating a virtual encrypted disk that would enable a secure storage area for a variety of files.
click here Or System Security 2006 to control access to the PC.

  Danoh 00:07 06 Nov 2006

TOSH; many thanks indeed. I had forgotten about the BIOS options! As there is a chance I could forget, best go for other options!!

Many thanks, Belatucadrus!!
Those seem to be right on the button!
I suspect that TrueCrypt might be more what I have in mind.
However AxCrypt also looks very useful. I'm intrigued by its ability to encrypt files for emailing but which then does not require the recipient to do anything ~ how is that secure?

  Belatucadrus 11:53 06 Nov 2006

"Confidential e-mail

A quick and easy method to communicate between two parties. Agree ahead of time, perhaps on the phone or through Instant Messaging, on a passphrase. Then write the initial message using Notepad, Word Pad or Microsoft Word. Encrypt the result. Send it to the other party.

The other party will now be able to open and edit the message directly, respond etc, and then reply and attach the automatically re-encrypted file in a quick and convenient manner.

This is not quite as easy as regular mail - but not far from it - and most approaches instead require encrypting and decrypting using the clipboard with cut and paste."

From the look of things if the person you're corresponding with doesn't have the passphrase to open the document then it stays closed.
click here

  Danoh 12:57 06 Nov 2006

Thanks once more, Belatucadrus!
Reading that link you so kindly provided, reminded me that WinZip also has encryption capability which I can completely forgotten about as well!

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