Laptop cutting out when power cable is attached

  lauraadams 13:14 06 Oct 2008

My Packard Bell laptop keeps cutting out after about 20 minutes of use. I have plugged the power lead into it but it still seems to be cutting out.
I know that it's not a fault with the power lead as it works in my friends laptop.
What could be the problem?

  peter99co 13:37 06 Oct 2008

Is this 20 mins while being used (active) or left on untouched?

  lauraadams 13:43 06 Oct 2008

Whilst active

  peter99co 17:15 06 Oct 2008

Thought may be your Power settings but if you are going off during use maybe not.

  peter99co 17:41 06 Oct 2008

Do you have a symbol ( bottom right of screen ) showing battery state and indication that charging is taking place. Rt click on this if present.

  lauraadams 15:13 09 Oct 2008

no the battery symbol doesn't appear as it usually does when the power cable is not attached

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:41 09 Oct 2008

Clear out the cooling vents and try blowing air through (hair dryer on cold) to clear the fluff / dirt, it may well be shutting down due to overheat.

  wee eddie 17:38 10 Oct 2008

take a look for possible causes of Overheating.

for example: restricted airflow ~ Are you using it on your knee or a fabric surface?

  peter99co 19:37 10 Oct 2008

The battery symbol doesn't appear as it usually does when the power cable is not attached

How old is the battery?

  peter99co 19:45 10 Oct 2008

Please check your Power Settings and see if the time for shutdown matches your needs. They should only apply for battery use but your battery may be not charging at all. if you get no Bty Icon do you get a mains Icon instead?

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