laptop cuts out on battery, tried two batteries!

  jackash 11:55 20 Aug 2006

Hi guys,
i have an acer ferrari 3400 that was bought reconditioned. Whenever i used it without it being plugged in, after a few mins or up to an hour it would suddenly cut out and turn off and i can hear the hdd cutting out. I have tried another battery and the same problem happened. When i turn the laptop back on it usually starts with a diskcheck. I believe it was part of the reason my hdd currupted (after 6months) and i had to buy a new one yesturday. The computer still cuts out when on battery power (however much charge is in the battery) and i was wondering if anyone knows what else it could be? My laptop is under warrenty but I don't want to send it away to be fixed as im sure it will take ages..

  vinnyT 12:42 20 Aug 2006

Don't think you're going to have much choice other than make use of the warrent.

When the LT is in use with the battery, have you turned off bluetooth and wireless (when not using them, obviously), as these are a serious drain on battery resouces.

In the event of you having to send away for repair, make sure you have backed up all your data (and removed anything you don't wish anyone else to see) as it may come back with the drive formatted and xp re-installed.

Hope this helps.

  agent 47 13:12 20 Aug 2006

you could try to clean the connections of the battery terminals on the laptop itself, where the battery plugs into,
i had a laptop that had same problem, and i cleaned the connections cos they were dirty,
use methylated spirits with a cotton bud to clean it.
also take a good look at the connections in the laptop where the battery goes, they could be slightly damaged!
but only clean them first, as vinnyT said use your warranty if no luck!
good luck!

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