Laptop crashing and freezing without a reason

  cr0nicle 11:13 15 Jun 2017

Hello fellas,

so 2-3 months ago i bought a new laptop: ASUS K550V Intel core i7 6700 hq ram 16 gb GeForce GTX 950M 256 SSD

Everything seemed fine but suddenly out of the blue it started to freeze, disabling mouse, keyboard and the fan increased its speed. After a couple of times i decided to use the option to return it in the first 7 days, so i got a new one. I was only in my home country for a couple of days, since getting the laptop was the reason for returning. I got the new one and i went back to Germany, where i study and live now. For a month everything was fine again, until a couple of weeks / lets say 2 / it started to have the same problem. I opened it, cleaned the fan and everything around it, although it didn't really seem to need it. I didn't see any damage to the ventilation pipes around the processor or video card. I thought it could be a software problem, so i reinstalled everything, but the problem keeps occurring. I've installed now a program for temperature tracking ( SpeedFan ) and tried a couple of tests on games, from really low to high demanding and the temperatures always seemed to get high, regardless of the game. As example - Counter strike 1.6, which is known to run even on the weakest computers, got my processor temperature to almost 70 degrees.... Running a scan on Windows defender gets it to around 80-85 degrees. The freezing happens really often at around 60 degrees, sometimes it gets higher, but doesn't freeze. What i mean is that its not something that shows up at specific temperatures, rather random. So to sum up - two laptops, the same problem - freezing screen, fan increases speed rapidly. Normal temperatures while browsing for example - 35-36 degrees, which is normal, but at random times increases to around 60 and crashes with no specific reason whatsoever. My question is - has someone had the same problem and/or what could be a reason for that to happen, something malfunctioning? I still have warranty / its 2 years /, but from my experience they usually tend to diagnose the laptops for around a month or more and i currently need it for the university. I guess i should have bought a workstation, which was my first intention..

  polymath 15:32 20 Jun 2017

Maybe your problem’s been solved, but if not, similar ones have been covered quite a lot before in these forums, so did you try a search?

Sounds to me like a software problem, in which case you could check it out yourself (wherever you are), and quite likely fix it. Maybe you’ve already scanned for malware, but it might be legitimate software getting out of hand.

Your posting rang a bell, as I’ve been there too, fairly recently, with identical symptoms, and randomness, and cumulative effect. It affected my capable desktop, as well as my laptop. In my case the main culprit (by a long chalk) turned out to be an additional (and superfluous) security program my bank’s website was pushing.

You’ve given plenty of helpful info, but if you need to post again, your Windows version would be good addition!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:56 20 Jun 2017

probably need to remove the fan as inputs can be seen to be clear but output area could still be blocked.

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