Laptop crashing after idlying too long

  Vandermeer 15:09 09 May 2018

Hello, I have tried to solve this here before, but didn't have enough information to figure out the exact timing of when the problem appeared. After months with this issue continuing it is now clear that my laptop always crashes to bluescreen whenever it doesn't have anything or much to do for some time. (roughly 20-30 minutes) Finished watching a video and let the machine be without standby? crash Went to other room and forgot time? crash Background virus scan? Crash, but will not do so if I do something else during scan.

I already went 2 weeks without issues sometimes, because I managed to be mindful of not letting it idle, but as soon as I forget, it is still going blue screen.

This all seems to imply on first thought that maybe the laptop tries to go into energy saving mode of sorts, but fails in that operation. However I had and have all energy saving deactivated since I got the machine 6 years ago.(because it is nearly always connected to electricity) One thing I found was still activated in advanced menus: Deactivating hard drive after x minutes. You cannot turn that off in Windows 7, only pick a higher x. I made it 10 hours now, but had no impact on the crashing issue.

Already tackled points: - As previously checked, the harddrive seems to be fine, as it had full green checkmark test results. - No malware was found after recent full scale checks. - Drivers were up to date according to driver management software, but that was a couple weeks ago. The problem was already active then.

What could it be?

  Forum Editor 16:46 09 May 2018

This is one of those problems that can have any one of a number of causes. We have to start somewhere, so....

Which anti-virus software are you running?

  Vandermeer 17:53 09 May 2018

I have stopped relying on anti-virus software somewhere 12 years ago. Since then I just used malwarebytes anti-malware, which so far has repaired all that came onto me.(it also certainly helps not being so green to run suspicious notavirus.vir files or visiting shady sites)

  IE 10 Support 00:33 10 May 2018

This is a common problem I always face problem but this article helps more IE 10 Support

  Vandermeer 07:59 10 May 2018

The generic message, clunky English, and unrelated link seem to indicate a bot, ...but why would a bot ever link to IE10 Support?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:52 10 May 2018

Vandermeer, do you always get the same BSoD (KERNEL-DATA-INPAGE-ERROR) or do you get a variety of different ones?

  Vandermeer 09:04 10 May 2018

Oh, I am not sure actually! I will let it crash to check and report back.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:33 10 May 2018

I can also see from your screenshot that the computer failed to create a crash-dump file. Make sure that Windows is configured to save minidump files - have a read here if you don't know what to do:

How to configure Windows to create MiniDump files on BSOD

  Vandermeer 19:39 10 May 2018

Ok, back from busy day, but now had the laptop crash, with this result:

Well, this address seems to have changed, but I am not sure how much that means or is mandatory. Secret-Squirrel: I opened the options for this, and it was already enabled, albeit not set to 'small memory dump'. So I corrected that. Should I let it crash again to see if I can get a useful dump file?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:36 11 May 2018

Should I let it crash again to see if I can get a useful dump file?

Probably not because this BSoD is virtually identical to the last one you posted.

Looking at the information so far it looks like the Windows page-file could be corrupt. That can frequently cause those KERNEL-DATA-INPAGE-ERROR BSoDs. Additionally, Windows uses the page-file to store crash-dump data and I can see that it failed with an error. Deleting the page-file then letting Windows create a new fresh copy may help:

Set the virtual memory options to "No paging file", reboot your PC, then go back in and set it to "System managed size". Have a read here if you're not familiar with the steps required.

  Vandermeer 11:06 11 May 2018

Thank you Secret-Squirrel, that sounds promising. I made it so I now have a fresh page-file, and will now let the laptop sit and go outside for a while.

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