Laptop CPU upgrade advice.

  robbo1987 18:22 20 Jun 2013

Hi, Just looking for a bit of guidance.

I've just purchased a refurbed Toshiba C855 laptop which was advertised as having an I3 2350m, However it actually has a Pentium b960, The benchmarks seems to suggest the i3 is a superior cpu and as I've upgraded cpu's before I thought I may look into doing it with this laptop rather than messing about returning it, as I still got it for a very good price anyway. The current cpu is ok but it seems to stutter a little bit when playing HD video via lovefilm which is why I primarily bought it so if it oculd be upgraded it may be worth trying.

so, cpu-z shows my socket as being a 988b rPGA , Would this be compatible with the i3 2350m ?

I'm struggling to find specifics about my motherboard online so just wan't to be sure that it would be compatible, and to see if maybe anyone else has any experience with the C855?

  Ian in Northampton 18:49 20 Jun 2013

When you say you've upgraded CPUs before, do you mean in a desktop or a laptop? In my mind, there's a great deal of difference - one's easy-peasy, the other's a world of hurt. But that may just be me...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:52 20 Jun 2013
  robbo1987 18:53 20 Jun 2013


I've upgraded my last laptop which was a compaq presario f500 which involved pretty much stripping the whole thing down and certainly was hard in comparison to my desktop, I also did an old emachines laptop but that was a lot easier as the CPU was easily accessible.

I'm not sure how easy it is to get at the CPU in my new laptop as I haven't looked into it fully but I would be capable of doing it I'd imagine. It's just whether or not the cpu would be compatible which is my main worry.

  robbo1987 19:04 20 Jun 2013

Thanks for that fruit bat, It would appear my socket is a G2. so I'll have a look into one of those.

Would I be likely to see a big enough improvement to warrant upgrading to the i3? 2350 or similar?

  woodchip 22:51 20 Jun 2013

It may not be the CPU, it may be Download Speed of your Connection that's the Problem

  robbo1987 00:46 21 Jun 2013

I have a 60mb broadband connection and get around 30mb over the wireless, But I will try using the lan connection to see if that improves things at all. Worth a shot I suppose!

  robbo1987 12:45 28 Jun 2013

Well the CPU upgrade worked, for 30 minutes...

Looked into it a bit more and it turns out Toshiba have something in the bios that shuts the system down after 30 minutes if the correct cpu isn't installed and can't really see a fix so I guess i'll just have to stick with the b960.

Quite annoying really because the i3 worked really well and temps where very good but from what I've read it seems to be a restriction by Toshiba to stop people upgrading their own hardware.. I guess I'll remember that when I buy my next laptop.

  woodchip 13:06 28 Jun 2013

what about a bios update

  Woolwell 13:24 28 Jun 2013

I don't understand why you didn't return the laptop as it didn't match the specs.

  robbo1987 14:47 28 Jun 2013

The laptop was a refurb which I bought on ebay for what seemed very good price for a core i3 laptop, Infact even without the i3 I still got a good deal. I like the laptop and didn't want to return it and took a partial refund instead so I effectively paid £225 for it. Of course the plan was just to just buy an i3 on ebay and upgrade the cpu like I have done on a few other laptops in the past. In hindsight if I'd known Toshiba had put whatever they have in place to stop the CPU being upgraded it would have been returned. But I guess it's to late for that now so I'll just have to make do for now. The b960 seems to be ok for the time being.

Thanks Woodchip but I have the latest bios.

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