Laptop connections at home and away

  huggie 20:32 07 Aug 2005

I already have a PC, and just also purchased a Laptop. I understand I can connect to the internet/PC/printer at home via a router (can anybody recommend a good one?). Do I need to adapt my PC in any way?
Also, how do I connect the Laptop to the internet when away from home at a friends house, in a hotel, abroad etc

  Taff36 21:18 07 Aug 2005

One thing at a time! When you connect to the internet at home is it by a dial up modem or broadband adsl (BT phone line) or Broadband Cable (NTL/Telewest)? If your laptop has built in wireless you could connect to the internet via a wireless router modem. Your other PC would also have to use a wireless USB adapter OR have an internal card fitted for an ethernet (cable) connection. It may have one already - do you know?

On the subject of travelling with your laptop let us know which make and model it is. If it has an internal modem, most have, you can simply use your current ISP`s dial up facility on a pay as you go basis within the UK. (You pay for the phone line time wherever you are) Hotels charge a lot, friends probably won`t. When abroad you can increasingly connect wirelessly to "hot spots" at airports and Internet Cafe`s using your laptop or simply buy time on one of their machines to surf the net and look at your e-mails by webmail. I do it all the time.

Post back with some answers or ask if you don`t understand anything I`ve said. I`ll put you some links to illustrate what I`m on about.

  huggie 23:23 08 Aug 2005

Thanks Taff36
The answers to your questions:
I have an NTL Cable Modem and I believe it is connected to the network card in my computer via a USB cable.
My laptop is an HP ZE2045EA. It has wireless LAN and I think it has a modem but I'm not sure.
More questions:
If my laptop has a modem, presumably I need to contact NTL for a dial-up number? - do I also have to configure something to get the modem to work?

  Taff36 07:48 09 Aug 2005

Your Laptop has both an RJ45 LAN connector for ethernet cable and RJ45 Modem connector for dial up. They are on the side panel next to each other. Your on-line manual is click here see page 21 for a diagram.

I suggest you contact NTL from home on their Frephone number for a Pay as You Go (PAYG) setup disc. Dial Up will cost about 1p per minute when used. Use your Broadband Helpline telephone number which will be free with your BB account - explain what you want to set up i.e. for use when away from home to check your e-mails and surf at friends houses. Details of PAYG NTL click here

By the way it doesn`t need to be NTL - you could just set up a PAYG account with BT, Tiscali etc It is only for use when away from home from any normal BT line.

Your existing Cable Modem is probably USB but The make and model will confirm this. You have options but I suspect you want to go wireless so you can use your laptop anywhere in the house. To do this you would have to buy a CABLE wireless modem router to replace the existing one. Your PC would need a wireless USB adapter which will provide a tranmitter for it`s connection to the router. (The alternative is a network card with an RJ45 connector and ethernet cables to connect.)

The wireless router modem will need to be configured to the NTL cable line and a Wireless Area Network (WAN) set up to connect to both PC and Laptop. Whichever router you buy will have set up instructions to do this. I think about £100 should do it all.

Hope this helps - post back with your existing modem details and any other questions you might have. Other links to NTL support click here

  huggie 18:10 11 Aug 2005

Thanks very much for your help. I bought a wireless router yesterday and managed to set it up ok - had a couple of calls to NTL and Belkin to do it but I can now surf at home. I checked out the link to NTL and will sign up for a pay as you go connection when away from home. I will probably stick with NTL, it will be simpler, Thanks once again.

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