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  Astrid 10:33 31 Jan 2010

I'm thinking of buying a laptop computer, having only owned a desktop up to now. I've heard that many users have had problems with internet connection. Is this the same with the recent, more up to date laptops? And is it still worth waiting until connection really improves?

  Technotiger 11:03 31 Jan 2010

Go ahead and get your new laptop, make sure it is WiFi enabled. You should have no trouble connecting to the Internet.

  gibfish26 11:08 31 Jan 2010

astrid, i have just done(a week ago) what you are thinking about,i purchased a netgear router off ebay(new laptop)from tesco online.set up all went nice and smooth,had a little problem with my e-mail on laptop but now sorted.i have had no problems getting on internet with laptop.i am silver surfer with limited knowledge on pc's.go for it and good luck.


  Pineman100 16:48 31 Jan 2010

About 5 months ago I bought my first laptop, having always had desktops before.

Connecting to the internet at home was/is no problem whatsoever.

Does your desktop connect to your modem or router with a cable? If so, then the only difference you'll find is that you'll probably connect wirelessly from your laptop (otherwise what's the point of having a laptop?!) This will mean setting up security encryption on your wireless network.

Doing this is no problem, provided you do it carefully and make absolutely sure that you keep a note of your encryption key.

If need help to set up the wireless network, when you've bought your laptop post a question on this forum. Or click here

You may have heard some people saying that they had problems connecting to the internet outside the home, in wireless hotspots (in coffee shops, public buildings, etc.). This can be a variable experience, depending on the quality of the hotspot and the number of people using it. But I shouldn't let it put you off buying a laptop.

  Pineman100 16:54 31 Jan 2010

One other thought has just occurred to me. You may have been talking to people who connect to the internet via a wireless dongle that plugs directly into their computer.

This can also be a variable experience, depending on your geographical location (G3 is not available everywhere), and - once again - on the business of the network.

It might help you to have a look at Ofcom's G3 coverage maps for the various providers.

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