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  metabolee 23:13 28 Sep 2005

Hello, i have a freind thats visiting from lithuania he has a fuji seimens laptop with a sony erricson G85 pc card and a 02 sim card i have not heard of this before and either had the peeps at 02 and he cant get online he has no phone line in his house and should get through his 02 sim is this correct??

  johnnyrocker 23:43 28 Sep 2005

i dont think so unless they have wireless enabled and an access point.


  mgmcc 00:28 29 Sep 2005

The Sony Ericsson card and O2 SIM should let him make dialup calls over the GSM network to a conventional "pay-as-you-go" ISP account or connect directly to the internet with GPRS. Obviously there had to be software supplied with the card to install it as a modem in the laptop. The card should behave in the same way as connecting to the internet with a mobile phone.

  metabolee 20:49 29 Sep 2005

Thanks for that info, the pc card did come with disk which is installed, the term initializing modem appears..connection failed.Thanks for helping.

  mgmcc 23:27 29 Sep 2005

It should be possible to check the card with Hyperterminal in the same way as with any other modem:

Open "Hyperterminal" (go to "Start > Run", type HYPERTRM and click OK). Give the connection a name (doesn't matter what) and click OK. In the next box, set the Connect Using line to COM3 (or whichever COM port your modem uses), not the name of your modem, and click OK. Next box, set the Bits per Second to 57600 and click OK.

You should now be in the main Hyperterminal screen. From the menus, select "File > Properties" and select the Settings tab. Click the ASCII settings button, then tick the box for "Echo typed characters locally" and click OK. Then click OK again to close the other box.

If you now type AT and press Enter, the modem should respond with OK. If this has worked, type ATZ and press Enter, which will 'reset' the modem, and again it should respond with OK.

Now dial your ISP's number by typing ATDT immediately followed by the phone number and press Enter. For example:

ATDT08450801000 + Enter

Your modem should dial the ISP, the ISP should answer and prompt for your Username. You cannot negotiate the internet protocols with Hyperterminal, so just click the little telephone icon to disconnect.

This should at least test to see if the card (modem) is responding to basic AT commands.

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