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  brambles 13:54 16 Dec 2004

My daughter has asked me to recommend a laptop computer which she is having for Christmas.

I am quite informed on most of the important elements/software etc. I would however like a little recommendation with regard to the actual processor.

There appears to be three types

I am thinking of recommending the PENTIUM 4 but I would like to know something about each.

I looked at the INTEL web site but it was far too technical. My daughter will be a home (not power) user.



  Jeffers22 14:06 16 Dec 2004

If she is likly to want maximum portability and connectivity I would suggest Intel Centrino. The P4 will offer more raw power, but is also likely to be heavier, so in my opinion more suitable as a space saving desktop replacement.

I bought a Dell Celeron based (466) notebook some three or so years ago. Mainly on price, but I wish I had opted for a fully fledged P3 as I now find it struggles more so I feel than a "proper" CPU of the same age would. The modern Celerons are of course much faster and much improved too I guess, but I (and this is just my gut feeling) don't think I'd ever buy another Celeron based unit. (laptop or desktop)

  brambles 14:10 16 Dec 2004

Thanks Jeffers22 - will see if any other responses before I recommend.


  TomJerry 15:29 16 Dec 2004

P4: best for desktop replacement, it is powerful, but it make laptop heavy (typical 3.4Kg for 15" model) and hot and battery time is very limited (less than 2 hours).

Centrino: powerful and portable but expensive, it is THE best processor Intel ever produced, it run at slower clock frequency, so cool and very easy on battery. Do not be fooled by clock frequency, a Centrino run at 2.0GHz will easily beat a P4 run at 3.0GHz. Laptop with Centrino is light (typical 2.7Kg for 15" model), battery run 4+ hours. Any problem? It is expensive.

Celeron: it is cheaper, nothing else going for it.

A balance choice: new Celeron-M (cache 1M), it is a cut down version of Centrino.

  brambles 16:46 16 Dec 2004

Thanks everyone I know how to proceed - once I know her budget.


  roy 16:59 16 Dec 2004

Nobody has mentioned AMD processors and laptops.

I think that they tend to be cheaper than Intel and many cheaper laptops are now using the AMD Sempron processor (compare with Celeron).

Only as an example see click here

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