laptop completely dead

  ripendigging 11:36 13 Sep 2009

I have a Gateway model ML6227B laptop which has no power lights or anything at all working.The laptop is 18 months old and was working perfectly when I shut it down,yet 2 hours later it is dead.I have a spare battery which I have tried and I have tried holding the power button on for one minute with battery disconnected then reconnect power supply all to no avail.?

  Jak_1 12:16 13 Sep 2009

I take it that you have tried connecting it to the mains supply? If that also hasn't worked then either it is a failed PSU or a faulty connection to the PSU. How long was the warantee for?

  ripendigging 12:54 13 Sep 2009

Thankyou Jak_1. the warantee was for twelve months,but the laptop was returned last April for a new Jackplug to be fitted,which I had to pay £50 towards.Is a PSU easy to fit,I am not to bad at electical DIY.?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:39 13 Sep 2009

First check that the power pack is working,
does it have a LED on the power pack? Can you chen the jack plug for voltage Approx 19V between inner and outer parts of the jack plug.

  ripendigging 16:25 13 Sep 2009

Hi Fruit Bat/\0/\.Yes the LED is working and there are 19volts at the Jackplug.

  richie1913 08:34 14 Sep 2009

Hi,a this happened to a friend of mine,laptop was shutdown but would not do anything after that completely dead,tried all kinds but in the end we took the battery out and tried to start it up and it worked knocked it off put the battery back in and all is well,its done this twice now both times this has fixed it.

  ripendigging 12:05 14 Sep 2009

Sorry jak_1, I thought you meant there was a PSU inside the laptop as well as the normal one.The external PSU is working OK.,But there is no power light comes on with or without the battery when the PSU is plugged in.Thanks for the input richie 1913,I will keep trying that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 14 Sep 2009

Can you check battery voltage? if OK and laptop is dead of both mains and battery then things are looking bleak.

  ripendigging 12:26 15 Sep 2009

I have a spare battery which is partly charged but I cant get a power on light with this battery either.Is it worth having someone look at it,or is it scrap?
Thankyou for all your help and I may as well call it resolved,.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:05 15 Sep 2009

Laptop repairs are generally expensive due to the time required to strip and rebuild. Cambridge laptop repairers have a good reputation for a good job at fair prices I suggest you give them a ring and see what they say.

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