Laptop closes down/restarts when burning a video file/film?

  buel 19:59 23 Jun 2013

Hi, For the last four years I have used my Medion Vista laptop for burning various video files and it has been brilliant. I've used various programmes such as Nero and ConvertxtoDVD without a problem.

Today, it keeps turning off during the converting/burning process. The first link below is what I seen whilst I was browsing earlier but not burning (I had to restart as it froze). The second link is what the task manager said was going on whilst burning the video file. Please can I ask why my laptop has suddenly become unable to burn things without turning off. I have checked and the laptop is never too warm to the touch when this happens so I don't think overheating is an issue.

  buel 21:40 23 Jun 2013
  buel 05:12 24 Jun 2013

Really could do with some help here?

  Ian in Northampton 08:25 24 Jun 2013

buel: I infer from what you say that the laptop only freezes when you're converting/burning video? My initial thought was that you have some kind of memory error, and video editing is the kind of app that uses your memory to the maximum - other apps probably stretch it less. Given that it used to work, and now doesn't, I'm thinking hardware rather than software - a corrupt driver, for example, might cause the symptoms you're seeing, but if you haven't changed anything... Can you run memtest, and at least eliminate that as the cause?

  buel 10:31 24 Jun 2013

Thank you for the reply. To clarify, the laptop only freezes when I have a lot of pages/tabs open (never used to be a problem) but dies instantly then restarts when converting/burning. Sometimes when it tries to restart it then dies again after a few seconds. Hope this helps.

  Ian in Northampton 17:20 24 Jun 2013

Hmmm... I know you think overheating isn't the issue, but a processor/memory intensive application will certainly warm things up - and if it's still too hot when it restarts, that would cause it to almost immediately die again. Have you given it a good clean out? If it's not a memory error or overheating, I have to say, I'm stumped...

  buel 21:21 24 Jun 2013

Hi, Thanks for that. I restarted after it being off all night and it lasted about 3 minutes and I hadn't even opened any pages/tabs.

However, after coming home from work I ran an Avast quick scan, didn't find anything and then did a hard drive disc check and it paused for about 30 minutes on a certain point. I will post the picture now, it would appear a problem with a Nero file?

  buel 21:27 24 Jun 2013
  buel 06:09 25 Jun 2013
  buel 06:09 25 Jun 2013

And now it dies when Im simply browsing? Id really like some ideas please...

  michaelw 08:54 25 Jun 2013

Could the hd be on the way out?

What errors are there in Event Viewer?

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