Laptop closes down without warning

  johnboyblue 19:45 29 Oct 2003

Time Traveller Notebook (6months old)
Basically there are two problems which I exerience.
1. Doesn't happen as often as problem 2 but still happened twice this
afternoon. While working on Word a dialogue box appears on screen saying that
Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. It might be possible to
recover any information. Then I have to check
a box confirming the recovery of my work (up to last save or automatic save)
and word is restarted and a document appears on screen that I was working on,
when I last saved it with the option of the computer's last automatic save, if
it's more recent.

2. This happens more often and is much more irritating. While working on Word or
sometimes the internet the computer flashes up a message for a nino-nano
second saying there's a problem and the screen goes blank. Then the computer
tries to restart however it always freezes before managing. The only way to
get it to do anything is to press down the power button for some time until
the computer shuts down. After letting the computer sit for a bit, I then turn
it back on. I am informed that the computer experienced a serious error and
had to be shut down. I am offered several options to restart the computer-
normally/ last known good configuration/ safe mode. The first few times I
chose "normally". Still problems. Following laptop's suggestion of "last known
good configuration" also suffers from problems. The computer then checks all
the bits and pieces (roms and rams I guess) and boots up. It suggests that
perhaps recently installed hardware is to blame...perhaps. The only thing I have recently installed is
the "Speakfrench" cd from my dictionary. I have since uninstalled it, to no
avail. All work is lost that has not been saved.

I followed the error report onto the
internet which offers updates to download. It only came up with one update but
I am unable to download it because I do not have the Windows' installation

  Peverelli 12:19 30 Oct 2003

What happened to the installation CDs?

I take it your OS is XP.

  johnboyblue 12:37 30 Oct 2003

OS is XP.
It came pre-installed so no disks
I did install Office XP however

  Peverelli 01:03 31 Oct 2003

If it's pre-installed then the shop you bought it from should have at least given you some sort of restore disk.

Sorry I haven't an answer to your problem but at least your thread's back at the top of the pile.

  Peverelli 11:13 31 Oct 2003

By email. "Thanks. I will try uninstalling and restoring."

Hope I'm not too late but a restore will generally wipe your hard disk, so I hope you've backed up your important files first.

  johnboyblue 12:17 31 Oct 2003

Yes thanks. I will back up first.

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