Laptop clean re-install????

  Nades 09:26 14 Apr 2004

I am wanting to format the hard drive on my IBM Thinkpad 600e and install Winxp. I am unsure if I can do it the same way as my home PC. How do i access the bios to check the boot list? Is there anything different about clean re-installing a laptop i should know about. Any advice would be greally helpful

  Graham ® 10:07 14 Apr 2004

I'm hoping it's the same as a desktop as I've offered to format a friends!

  Graham ® 10:22 14 Apr 2004

Some info for you click here

I would use Belarc Advisor click here to check you have the minimum spec for XP.

  temp003 10:25 14 Apr 2004

Check what type of CD you have. If it's a restore CD which only restores to original factory settings, then you should consult the manual and see how it's supposed to work.

If it's a normal full installation CD, then it's the same as a desktop. Boot from CD and follow the prompts. The one thing you should be aware of is availability of drivers. Laptop components are not always standard, and you may need IBM's own drivers. The CD may already contain those drivers, but check their website to see if they are available for download if you need them.

  temp003 10:38 14 Apr 2004

click here but check your own manual.

"The BIOS information can be viewed by selecting System Information in the BIOS Utility menu:

Power on the system.

When the message Press F1 for IBM BIOS setup Utility appears at the bottom right hand corner, press the F1 key. Wait for the BIOS Utility screen to appear.

Select System Information. BIOS version is displayed at System BIOS Version line."

  temp003 10:45 14 Apr 2004

Sorry, I must have misunderstood. From Graham's link, your laptop is fairly old. If it is using another operating system at the moment, don't install XP until you've checked the laptop is compatible with XP. Even if compatible, it may not be worth the effort if you don't have enough RAM or hard disk size is too small.

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