Laptop choice!

  phil2816 22:08 24 Aug 2006

Hey..wanting to get my (first) laptop, and I was wondering what people think in general is a good will be used for various music programs, linking to keyboard..what are good makes and models?my budget is about £1,100. Thanks!

  wee eddie 22:32 24 Aug 2006

you may need an external Sound Card

  phil2816 11:11 25 Aug 2006

like the sound blaster audigy 2? Whatabout actual laptops?

  skeletal 14:40 25 Aug 2006

This is like asking “What is the best car to buy”. You will get a lot of opinions!

We have, in the recent past, bought two Dell Inspirons for about £700 each and are pleased with them.

If you go the Dell route, monitor their web site and wait for a special offer that best suits you. We both wanted more RAM (this week get an extra 512MB FREE!!), rather than a bigger hard disc (this week get 120MB for the same price as 60MB!!) etc etc.

Also be careful of which options you chose. They always set the 5 year warranty as a choice, un-ticking that will drop the price about £100. Dell have come in for a lot of stick on that one.

But, unless you are in a rush, wait a few weeks until the new Pentium core duo stuff starts coming through; these should lead to better computers overall.


  Mavisk 16:55 25 Aug 2006

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