Laptop Charger tip melting

  The Mills 23:44 15 Jan 2010

Hi, I have an old Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 1505 laptop - the charger has become very temperamental and I've just noticed the tip of the charger is getting very hot (too hot to touch). What could be causing the problem?

  rdave13 00:32 16 Jan 2010

Try removing the dead battery and only run from the psu (mains).

  batterynew 03:51 16 Jan 2010

You must check the surrounding temperature. If it's normal ,maybe you have to replace your adapter (click here) or battery (click here)

  mooly 08:17 16 Jan 2010

If the charger "tip" is very hot... do you mean the plug that fits in the laptop... then that means there is a poor connection or high resistance somewhere.
The current causes a volt drop across the poor connection, volt drop and current flow equals power and that power is heat. At the current a laptop draws it doesn't take much of a volt drop to cause significant heat.

It may be the socket on the laptop that's faulty rather than the plug... one of those things you would have to see really to diagnose correctly... but that's what the basic problem is :)

  Forum Editor 08:31 16 Jan 2010

it sounds as if the culprit might be a faulty connection between the laptop socket and the motherboard.

My advice is to take the machine to someone who can properly diagnose - and possibly rectify - the fault.

  Arnie 15:11 16 Jan 2010

FE and mooly are no doubt correct.

Another possibility: The constant flexing of the cable at the tip has fractured some of the cable strands. This will cause heating of the remaining strands.
If this is the case it will be a simple plug tip replacement.

  peter99co 16:07 16 Jan 2010

Do not forget the heat will travel into the laptop and back along the wire. It is a caused by a worn/loose connection.

In a mains plug (240volt) this problem can cause a fire.

Replacement of the charger or tip only is very necessary.

  The Mills 16:13 16 Jan 2010

Thanks everyone. Going to get it looked at professionally - tried a second charger and it's doing the same. Sounds like the connector in the laptop to me.

  The Mills 23:34 18 Jan 2010

On advice from a friend I've removed the battery and the laptop works fine. Connection from ac adaptor is better than it was and no overheating. My friend suggests replacing the battery as it appears to be the cause - not cheap but it seems to be the problem.

  mooly 08:46 19 Jan 2010

Does the battery actually work the laptop OK ? and have a reasonable life.

Does the plug overheat if the laptop is just charging the battery but isn't itself on.

Either way heat in a plug/socket means there is an electrical resistance that is causing the heat in response to current flow. The resistance should be virtually zero.

Does the battery get hot ?

:) Interesting indeed.

  The Mills 16:36 19 Jan 2010

the battery was getting hot also and recently when charged up didn't last very long. I'll test out what happens if it's just charging up without laptop on and report back later.

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