Laptop Charger - Hot then Nothing

  JayChase 16:04 29 Dec 2015

My laptop seems to have real trouble charging correctly. The problem began in November when my laptop charger became incredibly hot to touch at the adapter and at the port. At one point it became so hot that i was worried it would damage the laptop and unplugged it and left it to cool. It suffered from intermittent charging with it charging one second off the next, rince and repeat, even without me touching the charger or port. I sent it back to the manufacturer and they replaced the port but only a week later the same issue, it would charge intermittently then not at all while maintaining incredibly heat. I then believed the charger must be the problem so i sent it away and got a free replacement. However less than two days into a new charger and the problem is still occurring. Does anyone have any more ideas or areas for me to check? It can appear to charge sometimes if i leave it charged whilst it turns off but to not be able to charge it when active is nevertheless inconvenient. Can post more details if neccesary J

  lotvic 16:35 29 Dec 2015

The make and model of the laptop and how old it is would be useful. Can then check if it is a 'known fault' and if others have a similar problem.

  wee eddie 20:17 29 Dec 2015

If the socket on the lappy is getting hot, that is the core of your problem. Possibly/probably a faulty junction there.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:02 30 Dec 2015

if its getting hot then its drawing too much current.

as you have repaired the socket and changed the adapter i would suspect you have a bad battery trying to draw too much current.

  Newuser4165 10:39 30 Dec 2015

Further to Fruit Bat's post then if you can run the laptop correctly with the adapter connected but the battery removed then the problem is with the battery.

  JayChase 16:30 30 Dec 2015

I bought a replacement battery as the first solution. However i have been using the replacement charger and port with the old battery. I have now got the new battery in and will trial test it to see if it fully fixes the issue. Unfortunately cant seem to find the model type but the laptop is from chillblast. which to my knowledge has a lack of information on the net about problems such as this.

I will report back on how the new laptop, new charger, and replaced port setup works in tandem. Thank you for your help so far

  JayChase 16:38 30 Dec 2015

Still appears to operate with the charge port and adapter at incredibly high temperature. Can hear a faint whining from the laptop when it is charging also.

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