laptop cdrom

  craigy1 14:38 27 Dec 2005


my brother in law fitted a hard drive to his mums laptop on xmas day but he did this with the power on it.!! the problem is that the drive he fitted is now only 7gb instead of 20gb and when he tried putting the old one back, this seems to be 1gb instead of 3gb. cos he did this with the power on and i think he got the drive the wrong way round.

my other prob is that although i have connected them to my desktop and i can see the size of the disks, when i put them back into the laptop to install win98 the cdrom doesnt work. it does not open but if you take the drives out then it does open and the drivers work for it. but with the hard drive in, the laptop says there is no cdrom there.

does this mean the harddrives are broken or does it mean the laptop is broken.? cos the drives read different sizes now!!!
thanks for any help

  craigy1 14:40 27 Dec 2005

another problem is that how do i get past the password in the bios. i cant remember what it was . its a very old win 98 laptop. and it asks me for a password when i try to access the bios

  VoG II 14:44 27 Dec 2005

BIOS password click here

  woodchip 14:48 27 Dec 2005

As Vog you need to go into bios and Auto detect the drives. Then you can sort the drive and load windows

  craigy1 15:29 27 Dec 2005

thanks for that. i will try that now. also do you know whats happened to the drives? are they damaged ?

  woodchip 21:32 27 Dec 2005

no i don't think so

  craigy1 21:42 27 Dec 2005

why dont you think so? just that when they are connected as salves in my own pc they have less gig on the drives than what they are supposed to have. they read 7 gb instead of 20 gb and the same for the 3gb it reads only 1gb

  woodchip 21:46 27 Dec 2005

If it's reading the disc then it's working even though size as changed. Do the above and Auto detect in BIOS

  craigy1 21:48 27 Dec 2005

do you know why the size has changed.?

  woodchip 21:48 27 Dec 2005

This is not the thing to do, we should all know that power should be turned off. But the computer is still working. I think it would not boot at all if it had done something in

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