Laptop Casing

  Justbeginning 21:45 15 Jan 2007

Hi. I have been trying to open the casing to my Sony Vaio pcg fr315s, and cant seem to get it open. I have taken out all the screws at the bottom but the casing won't budge. Could someone please help!!!! Are there any sites that i can look at that show step by step, preff with photo's. Cheers

  GEEKSTA 21:46 15 Jan 2007

how come you want to get inside it?
If you do you could be voiding the warrenty?

  Justbeginning 21:55 15 Jan 2007

It's ok, don't think the warrenty is valid now. I got sand in the laptop when i was over in Iraq, Keyboard is now stuck so needs replacing and i need to clean it out a bit. It's started playing up alot. I'm ok with pc's, can strip them down and build them back but I am new to laptops.
Do you know where i can look for help?

  Rtus 21:55 15 Jan 2007

Ive no Idea on this one but Try looking very closely to the hinge section (on top by keyboard) One I did recently (think it was toshiba)had the screws hidden under the hinge plastic facia which slid (from the side)very cleverly over the metal bits of the took 4 hrs top find all the screws. do be wary though bits are tiny and easily damaged,so if you dont realy need to DONT.

  Justbeginning 22:02 15 Jan 2007

Cheers Rtus, have had a look at the hinges and there is no way that they will slide out. The hinges seem to be attached the the screeen some how. Don't know how i'm gonna get back off this one.

  woodchip 23:18 15 Jan 2007

If you have start buttons at the top in a strip of plastic you may be able to slide it to the left. You can then get to the screws that hold the keyboard.

The Keyboard will be fixed by a small ribbon cable underneath it, look for a bit of white plastic ease this out just a bit, take care you do not break it. It does not come fully out, acts like a wedge to hold the ribbon cable in

  Rtus 11:39 16 Jan 2007

I dont know if this might help

click here

  Stuartli 11:41 16 Jan 2007

The current issue of PC Advisor has some advice about opening up laptops and replacing/upgrading components etc.

  Stuartli 11:42 16 Jan 2007

IIRC the keyboard just lifts out once the screws have been removed.

  vinnyT 12:20 16 Jan 2007

This may help, it's primarily about replacing the hd in a vaio, but shows how it was opened, click here

  Justbeginning 15:02 28 Jan 2007

Thanks for all your help. Unfortuanately I'm still struggling to get in to my laptop. Can't seem to find anywhere that show's how i do it. One last question though to anyone out there. Is it possible to connect my lapttop HD to my PC and format it that way?????

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