Laptop Care

  [email protected]© 20:35 23 Sep 2010

I am new to laptops. What is the best way to look after them? By that I mean fingerprints on the keyboard etc which are greasy and a clean dry cloth does not remove them on its own.

What is the best and safest product to use. This question also applies to the screen.

  Devil Fish 20:50 23 Sep 2010

you can purchase dedicated cleaners that are generaly available in large supermarkets with an electrical section most major electrical retailers or a pc shop

an example from tesco click here but as above many retailers will supply something similar example from amazon click here

hope this is of some help


  Jameslayer 20:51 23 Sep 2010

will babywipes do the trick out of interest?

  woodchip 22:00 23 Sep 2010

No chemicals

  robin_x 22:12 23 Sep 2010

Get a microfibre cloth from any opticians (for fingerprints), a new paintbrush from the pound shop (for dust). Get dust/grit off first before using cloth to avoid scratches.

I use a smidgin of windowlene sometimes and a new J-cloth for stubborn fingerprints. Spray the cloth for a split second, well away from the laptop.

Dont press too hard. Modern screens have thinner glass than older screens I think.

Certainly I managed to break mine (dropped 18" onto living room carpet). &70 for a new panel. Ouch.

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