Laptop can't install updates

  snowy30 17:31 31 Dec 2013

Hi Everyone

Been a while since I've read or posted anything on the forums

Could anyone help me in fixing the updates on my laptop, please?

Sometimes when I goes to power it down, it notifies me in the Start Button that there are 24 updates waiting to be installed. Or if I try to update Windows via Windows Update it says there are 24 updates to be install, but on both occasions either when I'm powering down or when I try to install them whilst the computer is on, it fails to do so. I tried a few ways I can think of to fix the problem, but they don't seem to work.

I tried SFC/Scannow from Prompt. I tried to let Microsoft fix the problem via their website, and tried to add two string values to the registry for MS Office that I happened to find via Google via Microsoft solution page.

When I select to update Windows whilst the computer is on, it comes up with three error codes. Error Code 641, Error Code 80070663 and another error code I can't remember at this point. But will update this posting when I try to install the updates once again. A couple of times I thought I solved the problem but it still has problem installing the updates.

The laptop uses Windows Vista and works fine despite the problem. I think I've been having this problem since patch Tuesday of this month.

Thanks to anyone who may be able to help

Happy New Year

  snowy30 17:41 31 Dec 2013

The third error code is 80070641

  onthelimit1 17:43 31 Dec 2013

In this situation, usually best to try installing one at a time.

  alB* 18:45 31 Dec 2013

Possible fix here enter link description here ...alB

  snowy30 19:00 31 Dec 2013

Tried that mate. The Windows Installer is not started.

More Help is available by typing net helpmsg 3521

  snowy30 19:01 31 Dec 2013

The Windows Installer service is not started

That's what it says, and it was one of the methods I previously tried

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