Laptop cannot detect home network

  0106rainbow 15:15 21 Aug 2018

Hi, HP Pavilion Laptop (admittedly 5 years old!) running Windows 10. Plusnet router, think it's a 2704n.

WiFi is fine with my phone and iPad but today my laptop has decided that it cannot find any networks. Worked fine yesterday. I have carried out all the troubleshooting workarounds that I can find, uninstalled, reinstalled and reset the network adapter, updated drivers etc, changed the router channel setting from 11 to auto and back again. I can't tell it to forget the network and re-scan because it's saying there are no networks present. According to Device Manager the network adapter is working correctly.

I can connect via ethernet cable at my house and I can connect wirelessly to my daughter's network at her house, so presumably it's a wireless problem between just my laptop and my router.
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 21 Aug 2018

connect via cable - go into the admin pages of the router - check it is broadcasting the SSID.

disconnect cable and then see if laptop can find router on wireless network.

  0106rainbow 20:43 21 Aug 2018

Typical - got back home after testing on my daughter's wifi, turned the laptop on and the wifi connection is up and running as if nothing had happened!

Thanks Fruit Bat, I've kept a note of your reply so that if, or when! it happens again, I'm ready.

  wee eddie 21:11 21 Aug 2018

Murphy, the Law Giver, is a busy fellow

  0106rainbow 11:13 04 Oct 2018

Can I resurrect this please.

Had a couple of BSODs this morning, and when the laptop finally booted up, the no network problem was back. I did what Fruit Bat suggested - yes it is broadcasting the SSID, disconnected the cable but still no networks showing.

Any other suggestions please, much appreciated.

  0106rainbow 14:35 06 Oct 2018

After trying every 'solution' I could find, I finally gave up none the wiser and resigned myself to having to sit cross-legged on the floor wired up to the router. Switched the thing off and left it til the following day, hey presto everything back to normal. So until it happens again .....

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