Laptop buying advice please

  moggers 07:25 10 Dec 2016

Hi, Looking to buy a laptop for my daughter for xmas, she will mainly use it for homework youtube etc. popssibly streaming some videos and music, my head is spinning with the multitude of options missed out on a good deal from dell on black Friday. Found this from Tesco direct: click here this any good if I uograde the RAM TO 8 GB will this be suitable? Have a budget of only £300 - £350.

Thanks in advance


  Forum Editor 10:43 10 Dec 2016

If you're on a fairly tight budget, the laptop you mention is a great buy. It has been well-reviewed, and that's not surprising - it's a well-specified machine for the price.

As long as your daughter doesn't want to play any graphics-intensive games, she should be very happy with it, especially with the RAM upgrade you propose - that's a wise move.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:21 10 Dec 2016

......use it for homework youtube etc. popssibly streaming some videos and music.................if I uograde the RAM TO 8 GB.......

4GB may be enough for your daughter's light usage so don't rush into upgrading the RAM because it may turn out to be a waste of your time and money. All you need to do is to check Task Manager's "Performance" section and if the RAM consumption isn't getting close to 100% then you don't need an upgrade.

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