Laptop broadband connection problem

  [DELETED] 11:41 25 Aug 2003

I have a desktop running XP Pro,Which is connect via NTL Broadband cable modem via ethernet.
I also have a laptop running the same O/S but the broadband connection won't work?
Do i need to re-config anything?.

  [DELETED] 12:08 25 Aug 2003

How is the laptop connected to NTL? Via ICS or a router?

Is the laptop pre-configured for an office network?

Does the laptop have a firewall that might prevent internet access?

  [DELETED] 12:10 25 Aug 2003

well it should! end of story! um... so is your laptop connected via ethernet too? have you installed the modem to your laptop? is it configured properly. maybe you should try connecting via USB. works for me.

  [DELETED] 12:49 25 Aug 2003

It is connect to NTL via Ethernet port on Laptop to Cable Modem.
the laptop shows the Lan connection + I have pinged the connection from command prompt + it was fine.
Also the only firewall is the XP one.

I've tried USB but it only shows connection speed of 10Kbps,But I have'nt tried to Ping this one.
each Time I goto Internet Explorer it just says "The page could not be displayed"

  [DELETED] 13:06 25 Aug 2003

It is most likely that the MAC address of the laptop has not been configured / authorised.

The simple method is to connect the laptop to the cable modem (CM), switch off the CM for 10 seconds by pulling the power plug, then fire up a browser on the laptop. You should be automatically redirected to an NTL registration page (assuming your browser has Java enabled). You will need your PID and account number, as supplied by NTL in your 'welcome letter'.


"First connection to set top box on NTL

The first time each PC (or router) connects to the cable modem port of a digital TV set top box (STB) on the NTL cable network, then (having re-booted the STB) you should launch a web browser (which must have JavaScript enabled) and attempt to connect to any simple web site (one which does not have any "/" characters in its URL). You will be redirected to a special registration site for customer PC MAC addresses: if not, try sending the browser to start.ntl. Follow the instructions on the display, and enter a unique name by which this PC will be known to this STB.

It is necessary to repeat this procedure if you connect to the STB another PC (or router) which has never previously been registered with this STB. Once a PC (or router) has been registered with the STB, you only need to re-boot the STB when swapping to it.

If the device you have just connected to the STB is a router, then you should perform the registration procedure via a web browser in one of the LAN clients of the router, although it will be the MAC address of the WAN port of the router that you will be registering, not that of the PC running the browser. When you have completed the MAC registration page (or you are asked to close the browser and restart), restart the router (or make it request a new DHCP lease), not the PC.

This process of registering the client MAC address is quite separate from the registration of the cable modem HFC MAC address with the ISP.

Note that the MAC registration screen is only available to devices whose MAC address has not been previously registered. Once the MAC address has been registered, it is never possible to get back to the MAC registration screen. The site start.ntl does not actually exist."

From the excellent Robin Walker site at click here

  [DELETED] 13:24 25 Aug 2003

thanks for all you help,Now working Ok.
I just re-booted & turned the modem on after re-boot & it went straight into Web ok,

Again Many Thanks

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