Laptop boots into bios and has continious beeps

  sawuk 14:02 01 Feb 2010

I have an Advent 5431 laptop and randomly boots into bios and continuosly beeps.

I have restored to factory condition, did not work so I wiped the hard drive and installed Windows 7, still happening.

Cant find a bios update anywhere so cant try that. Can only think thats its mouse or keyboard related. When in windows, and left mouse button is clicked once on a folder to select it edits the folder name to rename, which is normally 2 slow clicks.

Any ideas anyone please?


  T I M B O 14:52 01 Feb 2010

check the ram to ensure its in place & that the contacts are clean !

  robin_x 23:59 01 Feb 2010

Almost certainly a memory card problem.

click here

Also see

  robin_x 00:00 02 Feb 2010

Or stuck F key on keyboard lol

I am serious

Have fun

  sawuk 14:49 06 Feb 2010

Right I have sorted the beeping and boot into bios, the keyboard ribbon was slightly bent and so I straightened it up and also, my first reaction was a stuck key causing the beeping so I took the F2 key off the board and wiped the contact on the board and underneath the key as that was the key that entered bios upon boot, and low and behold it worked. But the problem now (Well was when beeping error was occuring) is the battery light flashes as though the battery is flat even when on charge, the charger is taken out the laptop and the charging symbol still appears.

Cant figure out why this would happen. maybe faulty battery or even faulty charger jack on motherboard.

thanks for all comments

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