laptop boot up loop - lsass problem

  User-7BF0BA46-9383-43F9-A74EB865DFA586D5 16:27 01 Mar 2006

Hope someone can help, laptop has gone into cpnstant reboot,

message box says

lssas.exe system error

when trying to update a password the return status indicates that the value provided as the current password is incorrect.

It then tries to reboot, and same thing happens.

Now I know that lssas is to do with networks, but I was not on a network when I started getting this error, in fact the machine had behaved itself and had closed down correctly. Went to start it up later and now have this problem.

BIOS entrise for administrator and user are both set as clear - no passwords set, I have a network password but as the machine is now in a continuos loop so I cannot enter it.

I have no idea why this started (I do know that there is a virus - trojen under similar file name - but research shows that it does not produce this problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

that it will not start in any mode entered in the modes offered by pressing F8 - even trying to go back restore mode

  wjrt 17:44 01 Mar 2006

click here

have a look here see if it looks like your problem

  wjrt 17:47 01 Mar 2006

try here

click here

Thanks, but no help there.

Have now tried repring from the xP disk but when it btries to reboot, up comes system error,

Its now driving me nuts, I do not want to reformat the drive - all my files are in a sep[arate partition but my email (outlook pst files are not, and guess what, yes I did not back up this week, and I have some important emails to answer.

Keep on trying

  VoG II 15:35 02 Mar 2006

Thanks for the link, but tried to do it, but recovery console does not stsrt up, in fcat nothing does, juust the continuous loop.

Cannot even run a self booting linux based recovery disk properly- everytime I tried to moce/copy/delete a file it said the disk ewas write protected.

Looks like a complete format and new installation, thankfully i will only lose a weeks work, but a day putting it all back together.

Many thanks for all your help and ideas

  Stuartli 17:58 02 Mar 2006

This is a Trojan variat which can be confused (intention of creater) with the real version:

click here

It's also based in some cases on people confusing an i with an l.

  Stuartli 15:19 05 Mar 2006

Also see:

click here

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