laptop blank screen on boot up

  hamunaptra 21:40 22 Apr 2009

I have a HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop. i was having problems with it been so slow. So i clean reinstalled vista home premiuim onto it. The trouble is all i get is a blank screen on boot up, i believe everything is loading as it should in the background. But i cant see anything. Any advice would be grateful.

  Strawballs 22:33 22 Apr 2009

Plug a monitor into the blue socket on the side and see if it works to rule out the laptop itself and not just the screen.
You might have to press the FN button and one of the numbers to make it work.

  hamunaptra 12:51 25 Apr 2009

Strawberry. The desktop monitor worked plugged into the side of the laptop. However just as before i had to reboot laptop at least a dozen times before i got anything on the screen. It is just really hit and miss as to when it will open on screen. As i said before though. it does sound like it is going through the motions in the background. On boot uo i have tried F10, F12, F2 , escape, control alt and delete. But none of those work. I just can't understand why it wont come on every time. Ny latest attempt is by using a floppy usb disk drive, FDISKing the drive and loading XP on, this it did until the programme shut the computer down and then nothing on screen yet again.

  hamunaptra 15:49 25 Apr 2009

Sorry that should have been Strawballs and not Strawberry. My appologies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:00 25 Apr 2009

When you get it to load on the monitor then install the drivers for the laptop.
On reboot it should then be seen on the laptops TFT screen.

  hamunaptra 16:30 25 Apr 2009

Its only once every so often it will actually appear on the screen. I am pretty sure its not the laptop screen, but cant see any info to try and repair it, as no screen there.

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