Laptop Blank, Black Screen

  morddwyd 20:48 24 Jun 2012

My Acer Aspire is suddenly showing a totally blank, black screen on switch on, no back light, no nothing.

I can hear the processor fan/hard disc, and if I put a Windows disc in the disc drive it whirrs for a while and then stops, with nothing coming up on the screen.

I have tried a hard disc from a different laptop, with the same result, when I would have at least expected the bios screen.

I have also tried the failed hard disc in another laptop when I get the blue "Computer shut down to protect Windows" screen

Seems fairly obvious the BIOS has gone belly up.

Any suggested fixes?

Win 7 64 bit.

  rdave13 20:54 24 Jun 2012

It might be the graphics chip. Can you connect another monitor, or TV even, just to check?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:55 24 Jun 2012

check its not trying to use an external screen

attach a monitor to external screen vga port

or try the key combination that swaps between screens (Fn+F5 on mine) key with blue square.

  rdave13 21:20 24 Jun 2012

Some info here.

  lotvic 21:28 24 Jun 2012

Cable to lid might be faulty, try moving lid to see if any flickers of life on screen.

  robin_x 22:26 24 Jun 2012

BIOS is rarely faulty as such. But if more than 3 yrs old, you could try a new CR2032 button battery available from computer stores, supermarkets and poundshops.

I think the above suggestions are more likely though.

Also try shining a torch on the black screen and see if anything there (backlight failure)

  morddwyd 07:53 25 Jun 2012

Thanks for responses.

Not sure how the possibilities suggested would have any effect when the hard drive is put in another laptop (same make, Acer Aspire, different model) though - blue screen, automatic shutdown "to protect Windows.

  lotvic 09:46 25 Jun 2012

I think the swapping of harddrives to and fro, and what comes on display prove that the 1st laptop has a screen problem. Backlight gone or cable loose.

As has been suggested try 1st laptop with an external monitor to rule out screen problem.

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