Laptop BlackScreen/Overheating related problems

  [DELETED] 16:18 20 Apr 2014

Hello there,

I have quite a problem with my Laptop Satellite L650-1EQ using Windows 7 Home-edition. A few days ago my Laptop was overheating quite often , i would start playing a video-game and the computer could actually go off after 10 minutes of playing it. I realized that this was getting serious so i stopped using my computer to play games and I decided that i needed to clean it . However i was searching online on how to properly clean my computer and then my screen suddenly goes white, no images, completely white ! I didn't knew what happened and I was quite scared .. I turned the computer off. Next day I turned the computer on too see if it was working , and the computer screen turned fully black , there was no image again , however the power light of the laptop would turn on and i would hear the vents working . I turned off the computer and tried to start it again and the computer started fine , the image appeared and the problems were gone.The computer was now working without any problems. But i knew that the computer had to problem related to the overheating events probably so I took the laptop to computer repair technician . I told him what happened . He used the vacuum cleaner to "clean" the dust from the computer and told me to come back there if the computer kept overheating . I started the computer again when i arrived home , and after like an hour and half the computer screen goes white again however i don't think it overheated because the computer wasn't really hot.. :s I tried to start the computer again and the screen is black , no image, the only light on is the power one and I hear the vents working. I tried to turned it off and on but now it just stays like it is now.. I searched for solutions for this problem and saw some like taking the battery off and pressing the power button for 2 minutes and some other things but nothing worked out.. I believe it has something to do with the hardware of the computer but I know nothing about it so i could really use some help about what should I do next ! If you have any clue of what it is and have solutions please tell me :s I really can't afford to buy another PC

Please help me out , thank you !

PS : I'm sorry about my English , i know it's not the best !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 20 Apr 2014

connect to an external monitor or flat screen TV using the VGA socket and cable.

Use Fn+F5 to toggle (press and wait a couple of seconds) to the external display.

Can you get a picture on the external screen?

  [DELETED] 11:54 21 Apr 2014

Hello Fruit Bat , thanks for answering. I tried to connect my Laptop to the external monitor of the computer where i am writing this thread from and to my flat TV . Didn't worked.. I got no picture of the external screen . I guess that my computer is really messed up hum ? :|

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:11 21 Apr 2014

You have to be careful when toggling the Fn+ F5 key

however it you can't get it to work then its looking bad like the graphics chip blown.

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