Laptop Black Screen Need Help!

  mrsmiff 18:55 22 May 2017

I have a laptop with the dreaded black screen. The first problem i noticed was the bottom task bar was not responding. After a while all i got was a black screen. I can access the bios but can't get into safe mode. I have tried all the options on the recovery disk apart from a reinstall ( i want to keep my files ). Any help would be greatly appreciated as i an not technically minded and can't afford to take it to a shop for repair.

  Govan1x 19:15 22 May 2017

Try plugging it into an external monitor or TV to see if you can see it on there.

  mrsmiff 19:37 22 May 2017

Just connected it to a tv and it doesn't show up.

When i start the laptop, the toshiba sign shows up, then the four blue squares with the little circle underneath. Then nothing

  foxesden 21:05 22 May 2017

I've just recovered from this problem on my laptop. It started with random crashes then just the dreaded black screen on startup. It turned out to be the Graphics card - although I suspected it for some time. I don't know about your Toshiba, but my Acer Aspire 5920G has a removable graphics card. I read an article where you bake it at 200 degrees for 10 minutes. I'd already tried re-seating it as per other suggestions, with no luck. Also ran memory tests, hard drive tests, everything I could find on the forums. As the computer was useless as it stood, I decided to try the oven method. Baked in my fan oven for the suggested ten minutes (nervously hopping from foot to foot thinking it would melt all the solder and bits drop off), then re-installed to the laptop. To my astonishment it immediately booted up and has been running without problem for a week. Try it if you can. It is not a permanent solution, but if it works, at least it will allow you to back up everything to a separate drive, just in case it fails again. Good luck.

  Guest 1234512500 06:14 23 May 2017

If it does not show anything on the laptop screen nor on an external display, that points to a motherboard issue, maybe bad RAM or bad CPU. Try different RAM, if that fails you will have to look into trying a different motherboard or CPU.

  Archonar 09:01 23 May 2017

What confuses me is that you can see the bios splash which would imply that the pc is working from what you have said. Before the issue began did the laptop have a password on the account or did it login straight to the desktop?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:51 23 May 2017

Sounds like a windows driver problem as its OK untill windows starts to load.

What version of windows? and exact model of Toshiba?

You may need to enter the advance tools menu and boot in safe mode and uninstall and reinstall/ update the driver.

  onthelimit1 10:47 23 May 2017

If all else fails (assuming the HDD is OK), take the hard drive out and access your files using a caddy plugged into another PC (caddies available for just a few quid from ebay etc).

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