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Laptop black screen but laptop still running

  FA95 23:06 28 Apr 2017

Hello guys, I have a bit of a long story to tell you which i'm finding is very weird.

I bought a new PC around 8 months ago. Before 1 month or less, I started getting this issue where my PC (while playing games) would suddenly turn black and be unresponsive, ALTHOUGH I can still hear everything in the background (such as people talking on mics and videos..etc).

So I decided to rollback the graphics driver hoping it would be the issue, it stayed for a couple of days perfectly then started getting the issue again.

I downloaded a program called OCCT and ran a test which gave me an error 6 seconds in saying "CPU #3 (sometimes changes number) over maximum value". Searching online again says it means I need a better cooler ((which is still weird)).

So I decided to clean the laptop using air cans (the fans) and opening it from behind to brush off dust. I barely found any dust / or dust coming out of fans. I turned the laptop on after and still got black screen.

For the last test, I hooked an HDMI to my TV using the laptop and didn't encounter a black screen (for around 2-3 hours), so I decided to unhook the HDMI cable and as soon as I do that, my laptop get's a black screen!! (keep in mind I was duplicating the laptop screen to TV so both TV and laptop had picture).

I find this problem very weird and have booked it for a repair (unfortunately lost the warranty too). So I decided to post this to see if anyone might have a clue on what the actual problem could be. I'm clueless.

Thanks for reading.

  wee eddie 23:28 28 Apr 2017

First things first. Assuming that you bought it new, within the first year you have some legal rights which don't depend on a piece of paper.

  FA95 23:36 28 Apr 2017

@wee eddie

Thanks for the reply! I tried speaking to them but they said if you do not have the receipt / proof of purchase , your warranty becomes null and void. Sad to there from a big company

  wee eddie 23:45 28 Apr 2017

First things first. Assuming that you bought it new, within the first year you have some legal rights which don't depend on a piece of paper.

  wee eddie 23:47 28 Apr 2017

Sorry about the duplicate post. Fault on my phone.

How did you pay for it?

  FA95 14:57 29 Apr 2017

@wee eddie using a credit card

  wee eddie 15:02 29 Apr 2017

Then you have sufficient "Proof of Purchase" to activate the Warranty.

They cannot evade that unless you have broken the Terms in any way.

  FA95 15:42 29 Apr 2017

@wee eddie Thanks again for your generosity for trying to help me out, I really appreciate it! The thing is, It will just say paid X amount on that day, I don't think that will be sufficient enough. I am actually chatting with them at this time to see if it suffice.

  wee eddie 16:06 29 Apr 2017

Usually, at their end, the amount will attach to an Invoice which will specify the product bought.

I don't know which country you are in but, I think that that is a legal requirement these days. They may, of course, try to get out of it.

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