Laptop - best processor advice please.

  ethelene 16:17 07 Jul 2005

Once again I am decided to buy a laptop for the first time.

I changed my mind last time because I found the choice overwhelming.

The choice is very confusing, however.

I want to spend no more than £700 - what is the best processor?


  Completealias 17:49 07 Jul 2005

The pentium m processsors that are on the market now are very quiet and do not much power so make for a good portable choice the top end pentium m processor I believe is on a par with the top end pentium 4 processor for performance.

What are you wanting to use the laptop for are you going to be on the road with it alot or is it going to be used around the home mainly? eg near a power point.

  ethelene 19:44 07 Jul 2005

Thanks for that, completealias.

Really I only want the laptop as a backup to my desktop, that I can use in the garden (plugged in to the mains) to access the web and emails and so on.

Also to watch dvds on holiday.

I have seen an Acer that seems good spec. Acer Aspire 1673WLMi
click here;jsessionid=1542cbbef2e5b38/shopdata/frameset_1670.shopscript

I am grateful for opinions.

  Completealias 20:06 07 Jul 2005

Can you repost the link but use click here to make it shorter so it posts ok


  ethelene 20:08 07 Jul 2005

Ooops sorry. I'll give it another go.

click here;jsessionid=1542cbbef2e5b38/shopdata/frameset_1670.shopscript

  ethelene 20:09 07 Jul 2005

No - somehow I can't do it!

  ethelene 20:11 07 Jul 2005

click here

I think that's done it! So sorry.

  Completealias 20:14 07 Jul 2005

No need to say sorry I've done it loadsa times off to have a look now

  ethelene 20:18 07 Jul 2005

Well at least I've found out that tiny url site - I've bookmarked it.

  Completealias 20:25 07 Jul 2005

Looks ok to me although not going to be the most portable of beasts, large hard drive so handy for keeping a backup of all your files and a multi format dvd writer, widescreen too for playback (nice). No office software thou,no biggy thou as you can get open office for free.

I haven't had a look at other offers so others may have a suggestion of an alternative for you

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:26 07 Jul 2005

Some friends of mine have just bought a load of Dell Inspiron 6000's. They are superb machines with widescreens and under £500. Delivery was 3 days and the ones they chose have Celeron processors. For your uses you need NOT worry about a processor. Go for a cheaper processor and spend the money on something more useful.

I can highly recommend these machines. click here


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