Laptop behaving strangely please Help

  rocket111 12:25 07 Dec 2007

I have a compaq presario R 4000 laptop and recently it has started behaing with a mind of its own. Examples of things happening are, applications open on their own such as calculator, file search, internet connection wizard, outlook express. Sound will turn on by its self and in certainapplication like games when my partner is playing solitaire it will deal a new hand for her even if not requested. I suspected viral activity and scanned and cleaned and even formatted the hard drive and re installed windows to no avail the problem still continues. I have tried getting help from HP themselves with no luck and on a few other forums, please please can someone help.

Many thanks in advance


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:43 07 Dec 2007

try turning the sensitivity of the touchpad to a much lower setting.

  rocket111 12:45 07 Dec 2007

Wwould this be the case even if she is not using the touch pad , she uses an external wireless mouse!

  rocket111 12:46 07 Dec 2007

Forgot to mention that the touch pad is turned off all the time!

  rocket111 13:37 07 Dec 2007

Just to note that this occurs even whilst we are not busy on the laptop!!!

  Coffee Adict 00:05 08 Dec 2007

Are you still having problems, first instinct says something is interfering with your mouse, another signal perhaps, try unplugging it and see if it still happens.(I know I hate the touchpad as well)
Secondly have you a wireless internet connection and is it secured.
Thirdly it could be gremlins playing leapgrog inside your computer, pesky little blighters.

  stevo28 11:53 08 Dec 2007

a few suggestions: remove the battery and run with psu only & vice versa;

run software that can provide hardware status feedback,(could be gremlins in memory or hard drive),

the laptop may require a bit of dedusting,use a can of compressed air;

may be a conflict between external keyboard and wireless& bluetooth adapters on laptop, try a different channel for keyboard;

run thorough virus checks and for spyware also,

  rocket111 12:35 08 Dec 2007


Yes Still having problems. I have run a few online scanners and one of them did find a two files infected with a backdoor virus and it removed these files, however the problem still persists.

As for the keyboard, we do not use the wirelss keyboard and yet have one so i might try using that to see if the problem goes away when using the wirelss one.

Yes we have a wireless router and it is a secure connection. I have my own laptop which works on the same network with no problem. I was wondering if after having formatted the drive and reinstalled windows and having a virus still present that the format option used was not low level enough to clean the drive of all problems. I will purchase compressed air today and try and clean out the system to see if that helps, Any more suggestions would be more than welcome.



  Paul M 16:44 08 Dec 2007

You don't mention the mouse - I had a similar problem and it was a faulty mouse - try disconnecting the mouse and re-booting.

  johnnyrocker 16:52 08 Dec 2007



  rocket111 19:15 08 Dec 2007

Hi all

Well i have to say it seems like this forum has seemed to solve the problem. I removed the wirelss mouse after your suggestions earlier and had now more problems. I just did a test by plugging the wireless mouse back into the system and within 30 seconds had an application pop up without being requested.

I am going to tick the solved box in the hope that i wont have to ask anymore on this question. Many thanks and regards.


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