Laptop battery usage, info please!

  rickf 17:05 20 Aug 2003

Hi All,
When I click on the ( Fully Charged) battery icon in the systray it says I have 3.5 hrs left. I tested this by playing a DVD and it lasted only over an hr. Is there something wrong with the battery or is it 'cause playing DVD uses up the battery quicker than say normal use like word processing etc. Any info gratefully appreciated. I need to know if it is faulty as its a new laptop and I can take it back pronto. Thanks.

  rickf 17:23 20 Aug 2003

Than Jester2K II for the info. The battery was fully charged, should it not at least have enough juice to play the whole DVD. I was taken aback by it lasting just slightly over an hr. What do you think?

  rickf 17:24 20 Aug 2003

Should read Thanks Jester2K....

  rickf 17:36 20 Aug 2003

Its a Medion 2552 P4 2.0 mobile widescreen with 512mb ddr.

  rickf 17:56 20 Aug 2003


  rickf 18:05 20 Aug 2003

Futshase, Thanks. That, I think, clarifies it for me. Its a new battery which came with the laptop. I guess its about right then. I am testing it under "normal usage" just to see at the mo.

  rickf 18:34 20 Aug 2003

Thanks, I'll tick this as resolved unless I encounter something new.

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