Laptop Battery Problem

  Inigo 21:11 08 Oct 2003

Hi all,

I have a year-old Time laptop. Just after it hit the year old mark, the battery went wierd - it abruptly dropped from 70% full to 5%, then ran on 0% for about 20 mins. It now seems to do this with every battery charge... So my battery life went from 2hrs+ to a little over an hour from a full battery.

Why is it doing this? Time have reccomended reinstalling with the original OS - Windows XP Home. The install disk failed (read error or something), so I put XP Pro (It's usual OS) back on, and problems continued - so it,s not a program running that is causing the problem.

So what is? Is it the battery dying? Or could it be something to do with the power transfer from the battery? I've just been informed that my battery isn't covered by the 300 pound warrenty I bought with the laptop, of which no mention was made previously, ane I don't really want to spend another hundred on it for a new battery...

Oh, the laptop occasionally seems to buzz when running on battery power too. It also seems to be fairly unstable compared with my desktop - it crashes randomly every so often, normally when no serious applications are running...

Any ideas?

Thanks, Mike Peel

  madPentium 21:58 08 Oct 2003

Every dozen or so charges you are meant to let the battery completely drain, have you been doing this?
No one knows why, but it seems to keep the batteries memory intact knowing whether they are charged or not.

  Inigo 22:14 08 Oct 2003

It zeros the battery power when it is running low and is plugged in... I assumed this did the same thing...

I tend to use the machine a lot, so it's often not possible to wait around for it to die, before recharging and going out again...

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