Laptop battery plugged in but not charging

  Carafaraday 13:19 01 Feb 2018

Only a few days after the guarantee has expired and the battery seems to have given up. Have tried to get Curry's to investigate for free but no luck. They did however test the charger and declare it to be fine.
I have had a look at this forum and see that I am not alone in this problem. I've tried HP's diagnostic tool which says both battery and ac adapter are fine. I have also deleted Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and the other item listed under battery in device manager. After reboot these have reinstalled and I have checked that they are both up to date. I suspect that I will have to remove the battery but am very reluctant to do so until I have tried every other possibility as am not confident about my ability to do so, and then put it back again. Any help would be very welcome.

  Carafaraday 19:23 02 Feb 2018

qwbos - thanks for your reply. Maybe if I hide the laptop in a cupboard for a month or two it will have recovered by the time I rediscover it. Can you tell me what 'all the fixes' that you tried were, or at least one or two of them?

  alanrwood 19:37 02 Feb 2018


In England the law gives you 6 years against an inherent fault ie one that existed when the device was purchased. It does not cover fair wear and tear/misuse etc. For the first 6 months the onus is on the supplier to prove it is not an inherent fault. After that it is your responsibility to provide a report from a qualified source showing that the fault was inherent. The supplier has the right to examine the goods and the report. If the fault is agreed to be inherent then the supplier must refund proportionately to whatever use the product has had or replace the item with possibly a refurbished item.

  wee eddie 20:31 02 Feb 2018

Firstly: Batteries are regarded as Consumables and so, covered by a lesser Warranty.

Does it work if you take the battery out and plug it into the Mains, via the Charger, of course.

If it does then it looks as though you will have to buy a new battery

  qwbos 20:32 02 Feb 2018


I'm sorry but I seem to have dumped al the links I had in favourites. There's a few on YouTube, but a general search will throw up allsorts.

That said, I went looking for one on this site that I found. If you type "laptop battery" into the search box on the red ribbon and select "Forums" from the dropdown, you'll find some of the things I tried there. More importantly, the first item in the search is about an HP laptop battery recall. Have a look.

  Carafaraday 21:12 02 Feb 2018

Wee Eddie - thank you for your reply. I did a HP diagnostic test which said that both the adaptor and battery were fine. I can't remove the battery - it is apparently only able to be removed by a 'technician' - I suspect that when all else fails I will decide that I have 'technical' training.

  Carafaraday 21:13 02 Feb 2018

qwbos - thanks for the link. Mine is not one of the batteries to be recalled apparently.

  Carafaraday 11:31 04 Feb 2018

The battery was down at 19% this morning. Once again I tried deleting Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, and the other app under battery. Turned off laptop and then rebooted. (This must have been about the third or fourth time I have done this without any success). Plugged in and it immediately started charging and has continued to do so. I have absolutely no idea why but hope that this might help someone else.

  wee eddie 13:53 04 Feb 2018

Cara, sorry, I* hadn't realised that the battery was a semi-permanent fixture. So my comment about the Warranty is probably incorrect.

Have you visited HP's On-line Help Forum

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