Laptop battery life

  so3003 06:33 19 Sep 2007

I've just bought a new laptop (HP Pavilion dv6000) and am finding that the battery life falls far short of the promised "3 hours approx". Even with wireless/bluetooth off, low screen brightness and so on, I'm lucky if the fully charged battery lasts 90 minutes.

Can anyone suggest how I solve this problem?!

Thanks in advance.


  Graham. 08:25 19 Sep 2007

The battery may need calibrating. Look in the User Guide.

  Quiet Life 13:10 19 Sep 2007

Battery life is a big problem with all laptop manufacturers. The usual claim is "up to" and then the claimed life applies to a larger cell battery which of course is not supplied.
A recent Acer laptop I have started at about 90 mins and did improve after a few charges to about 110 mins.
That was working in battery mode.
A report I read on the dv6ooo claimed 90 mins. and said "you would not be far away from a power point" If the seller promised about 3hours clearly what you are experiencing is misrepresentation and you should claim the larger battery from them

  Durko 15:55 19 Sep 2007

Could try
click here

  spuds 16:50 19 Sep 2007

This topic as been raised on a number of occasions. And in fairness there doesn't seem to be a consistent answer. Most laptop batteries are obtained from only a few sources, so in fact the actual battery is re-branded. If you look at battery recalls, you may well notice that the source is from one major supplier who have supplied different manufacturers.

The first few charges can make all the difference, and it is best to stick with manufacturers instructions. Having said that, there have been cases of not having the specified battery installed. One or two forum members have found to their disadvantage, that the battery supplied was of a lower capacity than specified. Arguments were pursued, and eventually replacements/refunds were obtained.

If you think that you have a battery problem, then take the matter up with the retailer or manufacturer, especially if the laptop is still 'brand new'.

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