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  porci 13:52 03 Nov 2003

Apologies if this comes through again, but I cant see my first posting....PLEASE HELP

I have a 390TP and circuitry in the battery has failed. I need to get another battery. According to IBM there is no issue whether I get the Li Ion battery(02K6520 - 10.8v) or the Ni MH(02K6521 - 9.6v)as the machine manages the required voltage at a level less than those mentioned above.
Firstly, can both these batteries be used and if so is it true that the Ni MH is more stable? Secondly where would I be able to find a reputable dealer in the UK for a OEM battery?

  nickhick 16:52 03 Nov 2003


I got a replacement, or additional Li-Ion battery, for my old Compaq Armada laptop from PSA, the website for which, I believe to be, click here . Whether they have what you want is another thing.

  pj123 17:15 03 Nov 2003

Yes, your other posting is there. Will post my response here as well. Try this site click here

  porci 04:58 04 Nov 2003

Great thx for the links guys, but any idea about the type of battery?

  anchor 08:47 04 Nov 2003

Personally, I have found Li-Ion batteries better than NiMh. They certainly seem to have a longer usable life, not to mention lack of memory effect.

I am yet to be completely convinced that NiMh are really free from this.

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