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  AdventCalendar 12:01 20 Oct 2003

Mine wont charge past 6% and hasnt done for a couple of months. I realise that it needs to be changed...and I now know that the warranty or insurance on the laptop doesnt cover the battery.

So, does anyone know where I can purchase on for a decent price rather than the extortionate amount that the company want!!

It is an "Advent 7002"

many thanks.


  pj123 12:37 20 Oct 2003

Give click here a try.

  Big Elf 13:25 20 Oct 2003

Also click here

  Belatucadrus 17:11 20 Oct 2003
  dotterel 20:51 21 Oct 2003

You can always try Ebay, especially if it's an older laptop. I got one for my six year old Toshiba for a tenner (plus postage) instead of £75. Obviously, you take a chance.....

  AdventCalendar 21:46 23 Nov 2003

Where do I find, and how do I know, what battery to look for for my laptop?

silly question, but i dont know.

  Belatucadrus 00:50 24 Nov 2003

Most batteries will have a part number on such as DR202, but if there isn't anything there try sending the details of your laptop make & model to one of the suppliers suggested, they should be able to work it out for you.

  wint 09:54 24 Nov 2003

I have used click here

I found them to be cheap & fast response - next day delivery.

  Ex Cossack 13:40 25 Nov 2003

I have just found another site that might be of some help click here

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