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  Dirty Dick 15:52 26 Dec 2009

I am trying to back up me new laptop (Documents & Settings) via my desktop Pc to a Maxtor External hard drive.

I have two drives on the desktop (running XP) (C has the operating system & E is used for storage photos etc.) and my laptop has a C Drive (running Windows 7)

I have a network via a Netgear router, the desktop is hardwired to the Router, and the laptop is connected via WiFi.

I have software installed on the Maxtor back up drive that runs fine, and backs up every night the c & E drives on the Desktop.

Somebody has mentioned that a “script” may be used, but I have no idea of what or how to do that.

Can anyone help ?



  Dirty Dick 11:35 27 Dec 2009

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  Diemmess 12:03 27 Dec 2009

To my mind the simplest way is to plug your Ext drive into the Laptop and back it up [the laptop] on there. You could make a new folder and call it "Laptop"

Backup means different things to different people and because there is just one drive on the laptop, a full restoreable image (Acronis) may well be handling a very large "C:drive" on the laptop.

It will work, but take a longish time.
Even so, it will take very much longer if you try to back up through your network.

Most data types, except the OS and applications already installed, can be simply copied across, or as a batch file using any of several freebie programs.
These programs can be configured to do as much or as little as you want.

  Dirty Dick 19:30 27 Dec 2009

Thanx for your response

I only want to back up my laptop documents and settings. I thought there would be a simple way to do an INCREMENTAL back up via the network to my Maxtor external drive using the on board back up software. If I unplug my Maxtor from my Desktop, and back up my Laptop, it will overwrite my other backups as it is INCREMENTAL (ie it ony changes any changes, and this would mean the whole back up (Hope that makes sense !!)

Also, I don;t really understand what a "batch file" is ? And could you recommend any of these freebies

Again many thanx

  Diemmess 14:12 28 Dec 2009

...... so that the whole list can be run time after time without having to key in everything each time you want as in this case, to copy files from one place to another. Writing one can be quite complex but using a ready-made is easy.

EZBackitup is the freebie I use.
You will see a screen like Windows explorer.
You drag each file or folder you want to back up to make a list on the right.
You have to choose where to copy, in this case your external HD (Maxtor).
You can choose to update existing files and ignore other files, as I do and I think you do too.
You give a name to this particular set of instructions and each time you back up all your data, it is one click on it's Icon and another on a green arrow in the program.
It may take a minute of two the first time you use it if there is a lot of stuff to save, but thereafter and if it is run regularly there will be few changes to be made and it is fast.

There are ways to send stuff via your network but it is a lot more complicated than it sounds and I for one have no need to do so.

  Dirty Dick 22:12 14 Feb 2010

After a long time searching I have decided to use FBackup. Been running for a couple of weeks, and everyyhing seems fine.

Mant Thanx to all who responded


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