Laptop automatically wakes up from hibernation

  AL47 23:47 25 Sep 2009

i dont understand, i didnt think it could even do this as the information is held on the hard disk.

if i tell it to hibernate [usually at night] it will do it, but then at some pint it turns on cause its awake in the morning! i dont know if its the same time every day, or if its random but i dont know whats going on and it makes hibernate useless!

  Stuartli 00:01 26 Sep 2009

Perhaps you have a Wake on LAN setting Enabled?

It's best to switch a computer system off in the proper manner overnight - I use Hibernate during the day but do a full Shutdown as midnight (or even later) approaches.

  Sea Urchin 11:59 26 Sep 2009

There are various reasons why the laptop could wake up - you may be running updates for AV programs or windows updates, or possibly have a scheduled task running.

I would agree with Stuartli - best to shut down from the Start button at night.

  AL47 14:00 26 Sep 2009

how does it know to wake up tho, theres nothing held in the ram? i just wondered how it can do it mainly

  Sea Urchin 14:04 26 Sep 2009
  AL47 16:27 26 Sep 2009


thats what i was after

i think ive set it, theres a whole load of others in there, dunno which ones i can disable? any idea?

i also think ive set one to work but dunno if itll work till tomorrow, will have to see

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