Laptop for Android-Arduino programming-old games

  Jordi -Tablet- 14:52 16 Nov 2016

Hi everybody, and thanks in advance! I'm having some trouble to decide, maybe an excess of information... Here is the point, I need a laptop that can manage this tasks

  1. Programming in Android and Arduino (small projects) Play old games like Civilization III, Age of empires Editing with Gimp Chrome with 7 or 8 tabs opened Office

I've seen two good offers:

  1. HP 250 G5 (i3 5005u, 4GB RAM, 128 SSD, HD Graphics): 420€ HP 250 G5 (i5 6200u, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, RADEON R5 M430): 535€

All the other specs are identical. It's worth the money i5, more Ram and Radeon R5 M430 and HDD (+115€), or better upgrade i3 to 8/16 gb RAM in the future?

I've read that i5 is 25% (+-) faster than i3, but at cost of "Turbo boosting" that is not a permanent feature. Maybe fans will turn crazy for compensate this overheating? Does a 25% increase in speed compensate 115€ and SDD?

Thanks again, and sorry for my bad english :)


  Forum Editor 19:28 16 Nov 2016

The turbo boost in core i5 processors is handled dynamically - when the processor needs it, the turbo-boost is engaged.

The core i5 has a larger on-board cache, which is handy if you use spreadsheets or are multi-tasking.

If your budget permits, go for the machine with the core i5 processor, and upgrade the RAM to 16GB whenever you can afford it.

  Jordi -Tablet- 11:58 17 Nov 2016

Thank you for your reply! I sew specs of i3 and i5 and seems to have the same cache, but maybe i missed out some information. I'll go for i5 if really is a difference in speed and power of calculation, Android studio is a bit heavy to move hehe.

There is more difference between i3u-i5u ot i5u-i7hq? Increase in price is fairly the same (115-150€) and maybe it's worth the money better than i3-i5?

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