Laptop always stalling

  NowtBeta2Do 08:45 16 Oct 2003

Hello people,
I've got a Sony PCGFX405 Laptop, 1Ghz Athlon, 256Mb SDRAM, 20Gb HDD, running Win XP Pro, and while I love it to pieces, after 6 hours or more of inactivity it keeps stalling.
I generally work on it through the evening and leave it on through the night for it to download but when i wake up the morning after the screen is frozen and nothing works, not ctrl+alt+del or even the power button. What I have to do to shut it down is press the power button for 5 secs. It's happened a couple of times while i'm using it as well, the hard drive makes its usual clicking sounds to show its running and saving stuff etc then in an instant it stops making any sounds and the screen is frozen.
I've reinstalled XP Pro twice now and the whole things gettin so so annoying, any help would be very appreciated.

  graham√ 09:39 16 Oct 2003

First place to check would be Power Options in Control Panel. Look for anything shutting the comp down after a time.

Then check if it is overheating. Take out any drives to improve ventilation.

The Event Viewer may hold a clue to what is happening.

If this is a new laptop, raise the issue with the supplier/manufacturer.

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