Laptop advice; portable and performance

  BrightEyes13 08:40 02 Apr 2012


I need to buy a new laptop, main usage will be for using Adobe Creative Suite CS5 whilst on the go, and I'd appreciate some advice regarding portability and performance.

The main priority I need is for it to be lightweight (tried holding some and would prefer not to go above 1.9kg, I have joint problems so heavy is a no-go) obviously with as good a battery life as I can get with these specs.

As mentioned I need something that will run Adobe Creative Suite CS5 relatively comfortably (I'm aware the smaller the laptop then usually the less powerful). Macs are out of my price range, and I already have Adobe Creative Suite for windows so I'm sticking with windows (strangly I couldn't find the cs5 specs on adobe's website, only cs5.5. Looking at my cs5 box they're exactly the same as here ).

I've found some below that I think fit the specs for running the Adobe suite, these are also at the top end of my budget being 500-600 (a couple being over budget but I'm happy to keep an eye on prices to see if they fall in sales) though I'm unsure which would be the best value and performance to go for? I'm also fine with having to buy an external disc drive if needed.

Asus Lamborghini VX6S:

Acer Aspire S3:

Toshiba Satellite R830-1L7:

Toshiba Satellite Z830-10T:

Toshiba Satellite R830-181:

I would appreciate some advice from people who know what to look for

Thanks for your time

  john bunyan 09:47 03 Apr 2012

I use PS CS5, but mostly on a desktop. I personally would go for one of the Toshibas you mention, with a USB back up portable HD. Do consider John Lewis as a supplier as they give a 2 year guarantee. Also I imagine a mouse is more precise than the touchpad.

  frybluff 10:27 03 Apr 2012

I would tend to concur with john bunyan. The R830, from John Lewis, looks the best balance between price/performance/build, and John Lewis' guarantee is useful.

It meets the MINIMUM system specs, but that may not tell the "whole story". I use Elements, myself, so can't advise, with authority, on CS5. Adobe have quite a good user forum, which may be a good place to get a "second opinion"

  BrightEyes13 16:04 07 Apr 2012

Thank you both, I do use PS etc on a desktop but I need something additional for travelling. I'm hoping to find something suitable lower than the original budget now though, I'll have a look on the Adobe forum as well

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